Our Role in the Process

  •  Developing Your Investment Strategy

We consult with clients to help identify successful acquisition strategies.  Whether you seek consolidation in a specific industry or niche, a longer-term growth acquisition or recapitalization opportunities, we can offer our professional  investment assistance tailored to your investment plan.

  • Providing Supplementary Deal Flow

We create proprietary deal flow, which can keep your transaction expenses to a minimum .  By outsourcing deal flow, you gain true savings in your expense structure.

  •  Initiating The Search

We launch your investment strategy by beginning the search process and building a foundation for your investment plans.  Our research is focused on your industry and/or geographic specifications.  Included in this research is the use of our proprietary database and internet spidering capabilities. 

  •  Identifying Target Companies

We select the companies most suited to your investment strategy and contact each individually.  These contacts are all made on a confidential basis.  We often approach companies through privileged contact referral and introductions.  Companies identified and contacted by us are not typically represented by a broker.

  •  Determining Owner Expectations

We ascertain the owner's level of interest in selling.  This interest can be strong or mild, but we retain contact with potential sellers regardless of their interest level in order to offer you the most complete representation of available sellers.

  •  Acting As Intermediary In Negotiations

We work through sensitive negotiating items as an objective intermediary, free from the emotional stigmas that can enter the deal equation.  We conduct every aspect of our business with utmost integrity.

  •  Evaluating Initial Price Expectations

We assess sellers' expectations and counsel the seller based on the realities of the marketplace and the reasonability of their valuation.  We obtain the seller's financial information and marketing data. 

  • Qualifying Prospective Sellers

We arrange  meetings with potential sellers and actively participate in all phases of negotiations as desired by you, the client.

  •  Continuing The Search Process

We  maintain an ongoing search until your needs are met.  In most cases, multiple companies are considered for acquisition.  Our search ends only when you have closed the transaction. 

  •  Value Added Services

 We offer added value to all our clients within an environment of honesty, integrity and quality of professional services.


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