Conducting Interviews
Executive Job Market
Ethics of Recruiting
Quality Search
Recruiting Tactics
Leveraged Investment
Selecting a Recruiter


Conducting Executive Interviews
A look at some of the tricks of the trade, culled from the experts. We often give this monograph to clients before they start their candidate interviewing. Both HR and line executives have found it of use.

Dynamics of the Executive Job Market
For executives who are exercising their mobility options, a look at some strategies. We contend, for example, that quantity of resumes sent out can be a critical factor in a successful job search campaign.

Ethics of Recruiting and Selection
We were among the first executive search firms (if not the first) to publish a Code of Ethics. This monograph discusses some of the ethical issues apt to arise in recruiting. 


Quality-Driven Executive Search
Results of a survey of our entire client base, which makes a strong case for the concept that a new hire’s on-going performance is the best possible measure of the work quality of a search firm.

Recruiting Tactics and Techniques
An overview of the strategies connected with launching a recruiting effort, and some ideas to help make the effort not only successful but cost-effective.

Referencing for Results
Referencing is a delicate but critical hiring task. This monograph contains some ideas that are effective, and some sample reference reports designed to be useful in decision-making.

Retained Executive Search :               A Leveraged Investment
Our take on why a retained search can actually be more economical than other recruiting choices. You don’t agree? Read our reasons.


Selecting an Executive Recruiter
Choosing the right partner in a recruiting effort can (and often does) make the difference between success - a great new hire - and frustration, or even failure. We have some first-rate general ideas on how to pick the best in your area, and include some penetrating questions to ask a prospective firm.

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